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WASTE studio all they care about is our Planet Earth!…

I’m super excited to introduce you  to this brand with a super cool concept, a very interesting name & very unique pieces.
A brand  all about handcrafting exclusive bags, unconventional accessories & furniture. That will thrill your senses & satisfy your needs.

Cool concept:

Advertising banners material isn’t recyclable and it’s one of the materials that can survive years and years without changing conditions. Waste Studio’s first design statement in the face of adversity: a trendy, practical, multi-functional and everlasting tote bag, made of  advertising banners.
Today Waste Studio can pride itself with more than 35 styles of colorful, street smart quality bags, accessories & home fittings.

Interesting name:

As defined in the intro waste is something that has no purpose. And I love the feeling you have when you read the name and get intrigued to know what is it about!
And you end up discovering that they are made out of waste ( advertising banners ) a beautiful designed piece that will become a part of your daily life and add uniqueness to it.

Very Unique pieces:

Each piece is different by it’s colours, because it’s designed by the availability of advertising banners. So you can imagine the variation and the choices you’ll have to find your unique one, for you and only you 😉

001 Waste studio 002 Waste studio 003 Waste studio 004 Waste studio 005 Waste studio 006 Waste studio 007 Waste studio 008 Waste studio 009 Waste studio 010 Waste studio 011 Waste studio 012 Waste studio 013 Waste studio 014 Waste studio

I personally fell in love with the concept and couldn’t resist the uniqueness & style of the designs.  Sometimes you need that special pieces to complete your look. And Waste studio has it!Every statement piece of the WASTE studio collection is: Sustainable | Stylish | Unique.
I hope you enjoyed this beautiful Lookbook & some of the designs, Discover the full collection on www.waste-lb.com & don’t forget to follow them on Facebook & Instagram for the latest updates.

And definitely I know you’re curious to discover how I styled my waste items, all I can say is stay tuned.

Happy Day all :)


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