UTS: Clazedonia Fishnet Socks

Brand Calzedonia

Name of the product Fishnet Socks

Why I bought I’ve always been a fan of these socks, they’re the new trend and I like to try new trends :)

What I love the most about it It’s very challenging as a trend, if you don’t know to style it and wear it, you might fall in the trap and appear vulgar. Yet, it can be styled in so many ways, from grungy to girly. Also, you feel it’s more than just socks, it’s kind of an accessory for your shoes. If worn with a pair of heels, you feel they become part of the shoes!

Trendy or classic Trendy, though I think it’s a classic accessory because it has always been there, but they kinda forgot about it.

3 Ways of Wearing it
1-A suit, cropped pants because we want the socks to show, mule shoes,as seen in the third look in this Elsa O. X Loolia video.

2-Mom jeans, folded from the bottom, fav stans, an oversize shirt and loosen it a bit so that your bra details show, wrap a belt around your waist, a nice choker, hoop earrings, your fav bold lipstick and a backpack.

3-Your chunky pair of heel sandals, fav ripped cropped jeans, a 90s T-shirt, rest a bomber on your shoulders and pull up your hair in messy bun, and don’t forget your earrings, and let each one be different for some edge 😉

20-10-2017 N A V Y
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18-09-2017 H O B