UTS: Bioderma Micellar Water

Brand Bioderma

Name of the product Micellar Water

Item Makeup Remover + can be used as a toner

Why I have it or actually why I cant live without it! Since 2007 or 2008 this product has  never left my beauty desk, to a point where I always restock. & anywhere in my bags, you’d find the minis because I take it when I travel and when I have a photoshoot. (I once realized that I had 6 empty Bioderma bottles). I tried Garnier Micellar Water but still I prefer Bioderma’s.

What I love the most about it It’s a multiuse product and I don’t need any other product to use after I use that one. Another plus is that I see no bad reactions on my sensitive skin, a reason why might be that it doesn’t have a scent.

Quality 10/10 because I haven’t found a replacement til now.

Trendy or classic Classic, must have, can never live without it!

Performance Very easy to use and it takes everything off from waterproof mascara to liquid matte lipstick.

Packaging Love the new pump, it’s so practical, especially because the amount of product it pumps out perfectly fits the cotton pad. The packaging is simple but iconic in my opinion, a transparent bottle with a pink pump and the sticker.

You can get yours on Feel22.com -10% by using ELSAOFEEL22 at checkout. I am very curious to try Bioderma wipes, lemme know if you have ever done! :)

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