Top 5 Tips from the Masterclass by Bassam Fattouh


Last week, I was invited to attend a masterclass by the one and only Bassam Fattouh, whom I discovered to be such a sweetheart and a humble person. I was lucky to be part of this class because I really learned new stuff and cool info and steps that I used to do but never knew why, just because instinctively you feel it’s correct.

001 Bassam Fattouh

000 Bassam Fattouh

I will be sharing the top 5 tips, the most interesting ones that are beneficial for everyone and by everyone I mean makeup junkies and those who just use it lightly.


1-Priming the face: Using Lineless Primer by Bassam Fattouh Cosmetics which is silicone based and this is the perfect base for oily skin, it also lowers the appearance of wrinkles. Now, you know when you want to search for a primer, keep in mind it has to be silicone based.


2-Concealing the under eye area: Apply the concealer not directly under your lower lashline, leave a little space between the lashline and where you apply the concealer. This doesn’t make your eye appear small.

006 Bassam Fattouh


3-Contouring your lips: A part of lip contouring is highlighting the cupid’s bow, this helps the upper lip pout and appear bigger. It’s one of my favorite steps that I always do also because it makes you upper lip perfectly lined.

007 Bassam Fattouh


4-Choosing the right lash strip: It’s better for the strip to be transparent, it gives a natural look. Plus, measure the lash before you apply it, you may need to cut the edge of the strip if it’s longer than your lashline. Also, if you want a more natural look, cut the lash strip in half and use the edge of it. Although I don’t use lashes at all, I find Bassam’s tips very useful for the ones who do.


5-Using white liner: It’s true that white liner makes you eye bigger, but if your lower lid is overt, it’s better not to use white liner, because it’ll emphasize that feature and might not be flattering.


I chose the top 5 but there were many, like setting your face with loose powder, using an eyebrow pencil to define the eyebrows… I got the chance to try Bassam Fattouh Cosmetics (BFC) and I was pleased to try Kajal Kingdom liners that are the new launched BFC. Cedar is a green color that’s so blendable and reveals the true color of a cedar. Laylaki is a gorgeous purple shade which I tried and found to be long lasting. I still haven’t tried Henna, can’t wait to try this brown shade. The names are very well chosen and each tells a story of the product and its color which I found to be really interesting.

002 Bassam Fattouh

003 Bassam Fattouh

I also fell in love with Matte Tricks Lipstick in Biscuit, which is literally like biscuit, a croquer!

004 Bassam Fattouh

005 Bassam Fattouh

I hope these top 5 are useful and stay tuned for more makeup tips!

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