Pompom Keychain


Pompoms are back and they’re trendy again, whether on keychains or sneakers, they’re such a nice accessory. Also, you can accessorize your handbag with this stuffed cuteness and here is a DIY to achieve them.

They remind me of the past when I used to create a lot of them that the house became full of pompoms and my mum used to become angry, stumbling over pompoms wherever she’d go. Couldn’t help it, it was my first DIY ever and I couldn’t get enough! Wasn’t it the best idea to create these pompoms with Sunset De Amor?

All you need is:

001 POMPOM key

Start by wrapping the two circles with yarn.002 POMPOM key

Then cut the threads between the two circles, then insert a new thread and tie the pompom.004 POMPOM key

Insert a tassel for a unique touch and tie it.005 POMPOM key

Tie both pompoms together.006 POMPOM key

Insert your keychain and…007 POMPOM key

Voila!008 POMPOM key 009 POMPOM key

It’s very easy and simple and you can whichever colors you want and create as many pompoms as you’d like to.

Don’t forget to check Sunset De Amor‘s way of using pompoms. Are you a sneaker lover like me? You will be amazed!

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