PMS Who?!

Let’s have pizza, or a burger? No no, I’ll just have some popcorn. Or chocolate? I bet this is how you feel right before you get your period and the first one or two days, you feel so indecisive and sometimes you want to fight with everyone around you even when they don’t bother you.

We tend to crave fast food, but we have to push ourselves to eat healthy food, because it helps a lot to reduce bloating.

We always feel like we’re uncomfortable in our bodies and skin and thus we lose our confidence, but what if I tel you, you can have your period and still feel and look so good!?…

Wadad from Kotch and Healthy Accessory bring you the best ways to feel great before and doing your period and avoid PMS-ing.

EXERCISING boosts the metabolism and improves blood circulation that carries oxygen and nutrients to the cells. As a result, one will feel more energetic.

AEROBIC exercise produces brain chemicals known as endorphins that help ease anxiety and mood swings, it can also cut your craving for sweets, by regulating sugar level.

EXERCISE also produces Serotonin aka Happy Hormone, which also helps regulate mood and improves your self-esteem.


. Moderate Aerobic exercises: Fast walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, hiking, etc. to boost your heart rate and metabolism and produce your happy hormones.

. Resistance and weight training will increase your strength, which boosts your metabolism for a longer period of time.

. Yoga reduces stress. And some yoga poses (cobra, cat, …) help ease cramping.

. Tip: Any activity should be done moderately so don’t overdo it…

Next time you’re on your period, you will feel less pain, boredom and mood swings. Hoping this category is helping you get your body goal or stay in shape, stay tuned for a challenge that will definitely make you embrace your summer body. If you haven’t checked the 10 activities that make you fit everyday and effective stretching wherever you are, make sure you do, because you need a good base to start with the challenge… Remember, #DoItTheKotchWay

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