What can get better than a one colourful outfit?!
Easy and simple to style, yet a more sophisticated look can be created by accessorizing it. Always a fun and practical way for the days where you don’t know what to wear ?

Usually when we say NAVY we think of this dark blue color just like this outfit, BUT For me It was that color I hated for almost 15 years of my life because it was part of my school uniform & several years after my graduation, I started falling again for this color and appreciated the chic-ness of It!
As much as I’m excited for this outfit, I’m super honored to be for the 4th season an adidas ambassador again … ENDLESS LOVE STORY I may say!

001 adidas NAVY002 adidas NAVY003 adidas NAVY004 adidas NAVY005 adidas NAVY 007 adidas NAVY 008 adidas NAVY006 adidas NAVY 009 adidas NAVY010 adidas NAVY011 adidas NAVY012 adidas NAVY013 adidas NAVYI can assure you that this season the collection is freaking awesome so stay tuned if you want to discover more of my picks.
Meanwhile I hope you like this look, I can say more stylish because of it’s fabric and cuts, super comfortable because fashion life is about this sometimes ?? and YAAAS look at these sneaks on fleek!
Never complete without a touch of Rubywoo ?

Have a great weekend loves


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Elsa O.

20-10-2017 N A V Y
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