L’Oreal Now Have Mix and Match Masks !?

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you would know that lately I attended a L’Oreal event where the brand launched 2 of their new items: Pure Clay Masks and Magic Retouch Spray which is to be used for those who have their hair dyed. Since my hair isn’t dyed, I can’t help you that, I’m gonna jump right onto the exciting part: the Pure Clay mask, that comes in three, each for a different purpose.

The green one purifies and mattifies, the black detoxifies and clarifies and the pink one brightens and exfoliates. What I like about them is that they all fit any skin type and can be used in combination.

Believe it or not, they all smell so good unlike other masks which usually don’t smell very nice, usually masks are to work on the skin, so the purpose of the ingredients is to be skin effective. I love the packaging it’s very minimal yet modern and it is easy to spot the colors. They dry quickly on the skin and they’re very easy to use and apply and it’s only a 10 min routine which is very fast and doesn’t take time.

001 L'OREAL Pure Clay Mask 002 L'OREAL Pure Clay Mask 004 L'OREAL Pure Clay Mask 005 L'OREAL Pure Clay Mask L'OREAL Pure Clay Mask-17

The skin does become glowy and smooth and because it dries well you feel like it works well on the skin and exfoliates it.

It says that each pot can be used 3 times per week but this made me think why? I personally have a very sensitive skin and I don’t think I’m ready for this routine because I’m scared of using it this much and damage my skin or risk it to a negative reaction after multiples uses. What do you think? Has someone tried it three times per week?

I used the green one to my T zone and the pink one for peeling, and tried the black one all over my face and showed it on Snapchat and I was so amazed by the results. The black one is thicker than the rest and you really feel the skin being exfoliated and peeled, to leave you with a new glowy one.

Teased to try it? Isn’t it a cool product to try and what’s cooler is that you can get a 10% off if you buy them on Feel22.com and use my coupon code ElsaOFeel22. Pssst! Knowing they are so affordable, now you can give them a try and enjoy mixing them together instead of using only one!

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