Huda’s Crush and Sugar Mama!

It was two weeks ago when I had the chance to enjoy a summer breath in one of my favorite cities, Dubai.
Being in Dubai means automatically spending a few hours at the makeup heaven Sephora… ( oops! if you know me by now, you know I can go a little crazy when it comes to make up 😀 )

But let’s talk today about a brand I really love, and never credited it or reviewed it as much as it deserves…
Huda Beauty you respond to my makeup cravings.

Other than her success story as a beauty blogger, this woman is a genius because her brand is one of the most qualitative I’ve ever used & is always on trend!

She has recently launched 3 nude liquid lipsticks: Girlfriend, Crush and Sugar Mama and sine Girlfriend is more of a brownish nude and very similar to Lolita by Kat Von D, I decided to get the other two.
The first time I saw the new lipsticks was in Huda’s signature makeup tutorial on Youtube, and I became excited to try them! I decided to mix Crush and Sugar Mama together and I really like that ombré effect they gave . It is very subtle and I was happy with the result because I’m not a big fan of that strong ombré lips we see on Instagram. But that mix was so nice; the 2 colors blend very well together. Plus, nude lips are perfect for summer, although I’m so into colorful lipsticks, I still like a perfect nude shade with a tanned skin.


I really like Huda Beauty Liquid Lipsticks, I think they’re one of the best, and they deserve a proper blog post especially that I reviewed them so many times on Snapchat and Instagram.
I think they smell good, stay all day long, they’re easy to apply, very pigmented, build-able, offer the perfect range of colors! Although their packaging is simple, the bottle is a bit thick for you to see the true color, so once you have many colors you definitely need to read the tag to identify each color.

And being a nature lover as you know, one thing I didn’t appreciate about the packaging is that the box is a bit of a waste because you can’t reuse it. But the product is so good that i can live with that, hoping they will change it.

I also tried her eye shadow palette that I already raved so many times about it on snapchat & insta stories so you can imagine how excited I’m to try  the highlighters one.

If you haven’t tried any of Huda Beauty products I highly recommend you do :) & you can get them at -10% with the code ELSAOFEEL22 on


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