First #BBCKotch

Are you ready for your first challenge? Remember, do your best because after two weeks, you’ll get a new challenge!

If you do this challenge along with a healthy diet plan, you will be able to have your beach body before summer season.To keep yourself motivated, prepare a list to check. It is very satisfying when you tick out your to do activities and healthy habits, like skipping fries, or completing your workout challenge…

You will:
– Lose weight
– Lose fat percentage
– Gain some muscle mass which will improve your metabolism
– Strengthen and shape up your body
– Enhance your posture
Week 1: Total body circuit 2-3 times per week
Circuit 1  : 3 sets
– Squats  10 reps
– Jumping Jacks 20 reps
– Pushups ( on the knees for an easier version) 10 reps
– Sit-ups 15 reps

Circuit 2  : 3 sets
– Lunges 20 reps
– Side step jumps 20 reps
– One Arm Row 10 reps each side
– Triceps extension 10 reps
– Bridges 20 reps

Try to add some cardiovascular training to your workout 2-3 times a week:
– the most effective way would be the  high intensity interval training for 40-45 min:
2 min run / 2 min walk
– swimming
– hiking
– biking
Stay tuned for next time, I’ll be doing the challenge and I hope you’ll be motivated, don’t forget to share everything under #BBCKotch

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