Effective Stretching Wherever You Are

Baby it’s cold outside. But baby you shouldn’t remain at your place with your blanket wrapped around you… although it feels so good! The cold makes the body stiff and kinda stressed, and moving is highly needed. If you can’t workout or you don’t have much time, STRETCHING can do.

Stretching takes a little time and is very effective, it can be done in the morning, at your office, after your workout or at night before you go to sleep.

The most important body part to stretch are: your lower back, your neck and your abs.

  • Lower back:

Lie down on the floor on your back. Grab your legs and press them towards your upper body.

002 stretch

Then grab one leg and keep the other straight, then switch legs. Do each move for at least 20 seconds.

003 stretch


Lying down, extend your right arm and turn your neck towards it. With the left arm, hold your right knee keeping your left leg straight. Push your right knee towards the floor as much as you can, keeping your shoulder line straight and pressed on the floor. I LOOOOOVE this stretching move and I know it from a Yoga class and I always wait for the stretching part so that I do this move!

004 stretch

Sit on the floor with your legs straight or slightly bended, lean your head and upper body towards your legs, pressing your head onto your knees. Grab your thighs and try to put your head between your knees. I used to find this position hard when we used to do it during my ballet classes, but now it has become the comfiest position ever because you feel the extension of your back as soon as you relax your body.

001 stretch

  • Neck:

A classic! Move side to side then up and down, each for 20 times. Then rotate left and right and the best way to do this is while sitting, crossed legs, extended arms aside, and with a straight upper body. Then rotate your shoulders backward then forward. Easy and obvious… Do them!:P

005 stretch 006 stretch

After you do these, with both of your hands, look down and bring your chin down then push a little further down.

  • Abs:

SNAKE: Lie down, head towards the floor, put your hands right below your shoulders, then bring your upper body up and tilt your chin towards the ceiling, keeping your hips and legs on the floor.

009 stretch


SUPERMAN! Lie down on the floor, then bring your straight legs up and your upper body up as well, creating a V shape. Yes it’s not easy but you’ve no idea how effective it is. It stretches the whole body. The center of the body is the abs so if the core is strong, it helps you with everything and gives you equilibrium. Keep in mind, the more you try, the comfier you’ll feel doing it. The simplest moves change your body and make it stronger.

008 stretch

It is that easy and they’re just a few steps but this can be so efficient especially motivating. Every move that your body does makes you want to do more and go further. If you can’t workout, at least do these because they truly improve your body and mind state and most importantly, it avoids injuries. Win win!

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