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RING RING… it’s 4.30am! … Time for a new adventure.
This time to Cairo for a very special Vlog collaboration with Loolia.
9.00 am just landed in Cairo international airport on a sunny Wednesday. First step out of the plane and the Egyptian vibes hit you.
41 degrees that day but Serge & I were so excited to start our adventure…
Hotel Check in, changed, a quick lunch and in the cab to our first stop that day.

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Kojak studio atelier, I was so happy to meet Mohanad the designer behind this brand when he visited Lebanon, and I didn’t want to miss the chance to discover his world. I also met with two other talented designers, CULT & Amr Saad. I had the chance to interview them and couldn’t be more happy. What an afternoon! You can discover their world in the Vlog on loolia tv in the link at the end of this post.

Almost 6.00 pm time for an afternoon coffee while enjoying the beautiful sunset and what a better place than Cairo tower?!… A must visit if you want to discover this magical city from the highest point.

Best part of that trip was that my best friend Gaëlle was also visiting for business! I couldn’t wait to meet her over dinner, since she’s living in Dubai & I missed hanging out with her. The place had a nice view on the Nile & the food was amazing a must try Dos Cannas (Cairo capital club).

I can’t remember falling asleep that day… 8.00 am RINGRING again another day of adventure is calling and this time to the Pyramides.

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It’s really magical a unique experience I may say, Totally different experience live. Just make sure to have your hat and sunglasses because the sun is very strong. I was amazed by everything! that country has so much culture &  a feel of grandiose; no wonder Egypt call it Em el Dounia. The funny part of that day was the guys that accompanied us throughout the tour & how they were insisting on taking the most touristic pictures ever. Egyptian people are the funniest!

After 2 hours couldn’t think about anything but food and this time we were trying for the first time Hamam, it’s an Egyptian meal at a restaurant at the Nile (casino el
Nile). I love food and I was curious to discover this platter. I may say it was tasty, and if you like meat it’s worth trying.

Today’s sunset was meant to be enjoyed in a flouka trip on the Nile. Just the perfect moment to discover beautiful hectic Cairo in a calm setting with a light breeze.

After enjoying a very pleasant moment it was time for dinner and this time we went to Mezcal a must try Peruvian restaurant in Zamalek. And what a better way to end the night with a cab ride in the khan el Khalili souk. What a COLORFUL night!

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And another day in that magical world. After breakfast we went to khan el khalili for a quick souk experience during the day.
It was already lunch time so we went to Sequoia one of the best restaurants in zamalek. That view on the Nile, the yummy food & cocktails were just perfect.

I met with Mohanad and friends again but this time for a little fun. We had a really nice afternoon drinks at a private party were I discovered Disco Misr such a cool duo with lovely vibes. You must know by now how much I love different styles of music.
I already mentioned My love for food ? so yes, we had dinner that night at Pier 88.

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Last day … after a very early breakfast, we went to the national museum. I was just waiting for that moment again, because it’s the only place I remember from my trip with my parents when I was a little girl.
I was really amazed again by that beautiful culture!
We had a tour and coffee in Zamalek streets to end up at my last stop to try some Kuchary at Zooba … yum yum yum! It was delicious and very different.


Unfortunately, It was time to head to the airport… in the cab on the way, all I could think about is my next trip to Cairo to come back and enjoy more and more of this beautiful country.

I hope you enjoy this special collaboration vlog and I hope I made you enjoy this beautiful escape as much as I did… Ya Oum el Dounia ya Masr… I will be back some day!


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