I begin with an idea, then it becomes something else. – Pablo Picasso

My journey never ends. It started in Lebanon when I was a kid, first listening to the sounds of my mom’s accessories, getting my hands on their textures and patterns, examining their details and lastly mix-and-matching them. Impulsively, Product Design was my university major. Aroused by the world of art, I decided to pursue my journey in Paris, shifting to fashion this time!

One of the best experiences is my internship in Swarovski. There, my colleagues noticed that I had something different and it had to do with my polka dot nails, retro up-do hairstyle and my pineapple brooch that I customized as a satisfaction for my crafty craving. Full of inspiration, Elsa O. L’accessoire blog was born.

Throughout 3 years now, I am pleased and grateful to have collaborated with many brands that provide me inspiration such as Superga, Salsa Jeans, I am, Jennifer, adidas, L’Oreal and many other, alongside various Lebanese designers whom I always support. Now, being an ambassador for Urban Decay and adidas fulfills my need for edginess.

It has been art all the way, whether it was Classical Ballet, Piano or my latest oriental instrument crush Oud. And my definition of art is Christian Marclay’s “Art is all in the details”. The minor portion and tiny fraction in an outfit make the look. For that reason and #ForTheLoveOfColors, I never take off my purple lipstick. # ForTheLoveOfVintage, my hair is most of the times in a 60s – 70s retro style. And #ForTheLoveOfShoes, I am definitely a Shoeholic.

My crazy & moody personality is the result of the 90s kid I used to be or still am :) . Voila! Between Beirut and Paris, my journey is the insane blend of art, passion, noise, a pinch of chaos and a lot of laughing!

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