BBC kotch challenge

Beach Body Challenge with Kotch!

Summer is near… or already here?! and a beach body is a necessity for almost everyone, and what better way to get that dream summer body else then following Kotch’s Beach Body Challenge by Healthy Accessory!

This #BBCKotch is for everyone, from those who’d like to lose weight, those who like to tone their bodies and those who want to maintain their fitness level. Most importantly, this challenge not only improves your health and physique, but also prepares you well for laziness that we all face during summer, because sometimes, we feel that the hot weather keeps us from moving and makes us feel tired whatever we do, and want to eat a lot of ice cream?

The challenge starts very soon so stay tuned, and it extends for two months, starting with a set of exercises to be done during the first 2 weeks. It’s only two days per week, but keep in mind, for optimal results, follow daily activities that make you fit everyday like going up the stairs two stairs at a time and squatting twice for example each time you finish a set of stairs. Also, walking for 40 mins helps a lot if you’re too lazy for pure cardio… Also, keep in mind to watch your diet so stick around Healthy with Rouba for more diet tips and delicious healthy recipes.
Be prepared and share your challenge under #BBCKotch


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