Am I getting married?

Just like you guys went crazy over the top when I posted it on my Instagram story, I am crazy in love with it. This top is everything and as much as you like it, I do!


The corset is lace and vintage, plus the shoulders are voluminous and who doesn’t like sleeves that give volume to your shoulders? I’m so amazed by this top and I love how statement it is. To contrast the softness of the look, dark lipstick and a belt choker were a must to add chunkiness and darkness to the look.

To complete it, I just wore a pair of flared black pants and glided on a dark lipstick and I was ready to go!


001 kojak white 002 kojak white 003 kojak white

Okay wait, before I go. I’m not a marriage material girl and I may sound weird but I have never imagined myself in a wedding dress. However, I love the details of a wedding, because of the magical element and I love it when you take one element of it and style it. It’s unfair for a girl who doesn’t like the idea of marriage not to experience one of its elements. Just like my case here, these shoulders aren’t exclusively for weddings, and that’s why I decided to wear them on a casual day. #WhyNot ?!

Do we need marriage to be happy? Can’t we be happy everyday?

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