#adidasGirl goes WHITE!

Boom Boom Boom to the sneaker trend! Usually these shoes blend well with casual style, but the pair shakes out creativity, allowing us to wear it in sport chic outfits, in a way to contrast the formality with sneakers.

Knowing that I’m not a shirt & a blazer kinda girl, I find this outfit fun because of that bow of the shirt that makes the item classic but modernly, also because of the fact that it’s monochrome!

I paired them with white denims and sneakers because as I mentioned in 90s One O One, white is both a summer AND winter color. For some reason, during winter, I find the color very edgy in its iciness.

It’s true it’s still cold and winter vibes are still present, but sometimes the weather is beautiful, and this is my answer if you ask me why winter is my fav season in Lebanon. I think you can enjoy sunlight without roasting.

001 adidasGirl goes WHITE

002 adidasGirl goes WHITE

003 adidasGirl goes WHITE

004 adidasGirl goes WHITE

005 adidasGirl goes WHITE

006 adidasGirl goes WHITE

007 adidasGirl goes WHITE

Since I’m an #adidasGirl , you can imagine how excited I become when I receive a blue box. I want to share with you this new collection which features easy to wear slip ons that are very statement. At the same time, they’re not classic or in your face adidas… I like these shoes because you feel like you’re extending the trend. I mean, classic is nice but a different item, yet inspired by the classic is nicer. Plus, we’re kinda bored with the classic and they’re now even more recurrent because there are fake adidas sneakers.


Going back to the outfit, the blazer is kinda oversize and it’s unique in its structure. Do I hear 90s grunge here? And the shirt offers also 70s vibes so it’s a plus!


Monochrome outfits have space in our heart, but I couldn’t but add a touch of color. Charles & Keith took care of that task by this burgundy bag and its shape fits the seriousness of the outfit.


What can complete the look else than my hat? It adds texture to the look and protects you on a sunny day, win win!


But that one item that fits ANY outfit, it’s jewelry… And you still ask why I love jewelry… It’s my Stories Worn rings that I already introduced. I feel like they’re a part of me! Wait, am I #UnderTheSpell ? Well you have to stick around to find :)

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Elsa O.

PHOTOS: Fouad Tadros

OUTFIT: Forever 21 . Top, Pants & Hat – H&M . vest  –  adidas . shoes – Riwaya  . rings – Charles & Keith . Backpack – Elsa O. . Earrings – Rayban . Sunglasses – Tarte Cosmetics . Lipstick

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