90s KID

As much as I love stan smith, I’m obsessed with the shlik shlak ones. I was dying when I saw these black ones, not only because I’m an #adidasGirl but also because they’re dotted! It’s like everything in a pair of shoes! I love how it’s easy to wear and so comfy and the fact that it doesn’t have lace allows you to know the size of your foot in your shoes, it’s not like you have to tighten the lace or release it each time you wear it.

I love the fact that it’s monochrome, black and white and it fits almost any outfit and I was very curious to see how it fits 90s style. That’s why that oversize knee length bomber is the savior. It has a story in itself; it gives a lot of edge to the outfit, it adds texture to the look and from the back, it looks like a dress. I wore high waisted denim shorts to keep the spotlight on the bomber and shoes, and when you open that bomber, you get a lil sneek peak to a cat embedded in a grey tshirt screaming: “Meow!”… Booboo? Is that you?

001 90s adidas 002 90s adidas 003 90s adidas 004 90s adidas 005 90s adidas 006 90s adidas

The outfit is very 90s: denim shorts and an oversize bomber on top of a simple tshirt, all paired with the star of the show adidas sneakers. All in all, it’s a very comfy every day outfit, comfier than that of 90s One O One? Could be… But what’s definitive is that edge is assured!

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