adidas FLOWERS …

It’s that time of the year again, where you can feel a softer sun heat and colder breezes coming the way… Hello Autumn!
As much as I love Winter I really like this time of the year too, maybe because I get too excited that winter is around the corner.
Fashion wise I’m sure I love the fact that we can mix summer and winter clothes just because the weather still allows us to!

Yes I’m talking about this glittery TOPSHOP sandals mixed with that gorgeous adidas pink sweatshirt, a total CRUSH!
You might know by now that I really like weird mixes, which made it easier to style these very sparkly sandals & wear them for a day look. And I couldn’t resist pairing them with these tulle socks, TOTAL LOVE! You know my love for socks is endless and the sandals + socks trend is still on baby!… so why not?!

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The pop of pink of this very statement-y sweatshirt couldn’t match better the pinks of the flower badges on this H&M t-shirt , this very comfortable skort by adidas & a last touch of Elsa O. star earrings bling.

VOILÀ! all ready to hit another day… especially knowing that winter is here soon 😀

Who is also excited for the cold season?


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