Man SHOES . Land

Back to men’s styling tips! Unlike women, men are so limited with accessories.
But that doesn’t mean they can’t have fun as much as we do.
Today  I’m presenting to you Assaad Osta’s one of the designers behind the duo of AZZI & OSTA .
When it comes to shoes it is Osta’s ” point faible ” , he thinks that he can never have enough shoes… guess he found his Accessories touch!

Here is a small selection of Osta’s shoes

Lace up! and enjoy a walk into his shoes land…

ostas-shoes2 ostas-shoes3 ostas-shoes4-copy ostas-shoes5-copy-2 ostas-shoes6 ostas-shoes7 ostas-shoes8 ostas-shoes9 ostas-shoes10-copy ostas-shoes11-copy ostas-shoes12-copy ostas-shoes13-copy ostas-shoes14 ostas-shoes15 ostas-shoes16

As I always said it’s always that tiny detail that makes aBIG difference!

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Elsa O.

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